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News 2014

Monty MVP Praha2nd November 2014 - Success of our offspring

Any Time At All Foxy Fellow "Monty" Excellent 2 with a pleasant critique at CACIB Prague.


BH1st November 2014 - Schutzhund exams

Betty passed the IPO-BH exam, being the 9th Pembroke in our country with this exam!


Monty23rd August 2014 - Success of our offspring

Any Time At All Foxy Fellow "Monty" Exc 1, Junior Class Winner at regional show in Karlovy Vary


Betty's Birthday21st August 2014 - Betty's fourth Birthday!

Betty celebrated with a pork cake



Domeček19th August 2014 - Moving

We moved to our new house, big enough to fit our corgis. You can find our new address in Contact


Bětka3rd July 2014 - Betty is a Czech Champion!

Betty's Czech Champion title officially approved



NV Klatovy 28th June 2014 - National show in Klatovy

Betty Exc1, CAC - the Czech Champion title completed!

Risa Exc1, CAC, National Winner, BOS



KV Staňkov 8th May 2014 - Regional show in Stankov

Betty Exc1, Winners' Class Winner, Regional Winner, 4th Best Female of the Show

Risa Exc1, Winners' Class Winner, Regional Winner, 5th Best Male of the Show

Any Time At All Foxy Fellow "Monty" Exc1, Junior Class Winner



Vrh A

7th May 2014 - Litter "A" celebrates first Birthday!

Monty came for a visit, he's growing into a nice corgi gentleman



MVP České Budějovice 26th April 2014 - International Show in Ceske Budejovice 

Betty Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB!

Risa stayed at home



Risa's birthday26th March 2014 - Risa's sixth Birthday!

Risa spent his birthday on a diet, leaving his cake to the friends at our dogschool