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Any Time At All Foxy Fellow

Any Time At All Foxy Fellow - 21 dníBorn 7th May 2013 at 1:20

Birth weight 292g

Red and white, natural bobtail

He immediately knew his way to the best seat in the milk bar. Opened his eyes and started to discover the world outside the whelping box as the first one. Strong boy full of energy and attitude.

When we first got out, he didn't show any sign of insecurity. Ideal dog for those looking for active, fearless buddy.

Any Time At All - 8 týdnůMonty, as he is now called, went to his new forever home on 12th July. He'll be the only child there, enjoying a bit of spoiling and hopefully some training and agility courses.


In the year 2014

Shortly before his 1st birthday Monty came for a visit. He is maturing nicely, being a typical corgi both in his exterior and personality. I'm a proud breeder.

Any Time At All Foxy FellowMonty is succesfully shown, attends dog school classes regularly, sometimes trying agility or dogdancing.